Eric Arakawa and Pat Rawson build 3 new US Blanks gun molds

Eric Arakawa and I were commissioned by US Blanks to make 3 blanks to be used primarily as large wave Gun blanks, and secondarily as “big guy floaters”/Tandem board type blanks.

We built the first 2 plugs (10’9A & 11’9A). We have a third 12’9A plug to be started and built later next month. The trick was to design the mold models as to have the option of offset cutting of the center stringer line to minimize or widen the blanks for all purposes.  (IE: 2 narrower pieces glued together for Gun, 2 wider pieces for the “Big Guy”)


With the new trend of large wave paddle-in boards increasing world wide, this trio of new blank’s arrival in late October should be perfect timing!

About Pat Rawson

Pat Rawson has been shaping surfboards since 1966, and manufacturing surfboards on the North Shore of Oahu since 1972. Combining pre-proven, innovative custom designs with handcrafted experience, Rawson shapes and sells to 19 countries worldwide from 6 hi-tech manufacturing locations.