2014 Billabong Pipe Masters: Tom Carroll Wins Pipe Heritage Series

On December 12th, Tom Carroll won the Pipe Masters Heritage Heat in epic Pipeline surf! I was really elated 2 the boards we made especially for the event based off a vintage 1991 TC model worked for him and Tom did the rest as always. My thanks to Simon Anderson for measuring out that ’91 vintage board back in Sydney, and those core numbers gave me a basis for designing the 2 boards. We built a 7’0 and 7’8 off that Sydney vintage board, and Tom is auctioning off the 7’8 and donating the proceeds to charity. Congratulations, TC!


Tom Carroll’s replacement 1991 7’8 snapback board…
Tom came the other night to pickup the new 7’8 I built him to replace the 7’8 he auctioned off for $4100. last month at Turtle Bay, to donate the proceeds to Mauli Ola Organization for Cystic Fibrosis. Ironically, we have had a few orders come up afterward as replicas of that special board. It was just a cool project overall, and I’m stoked I could make him another one to take the place of the first auctioned 7’8 to ride while he’s here for another week.

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