The “real” Pukas Surfboard: Rawson and Otis Schaper of Hawaii Surf Factory

The “Real” Pukas surfboard:
My glasser, Otis Schaper and I with 1 of 4 Pukas team boards for Mateus Herdy. Otis was the original glasser for Pukas Surfboards in Oiartzun, Spain in 1988 when they had opened their current factory. I came along later in 1991 and began my long relationship with Pukas and Miguel and Ignacio.
This group of 4 Mateus Herdy boards is special as we are using the “original” Pukas logo again from back in the day, and why I dubbed this board: “the real Pukas Surfboard”!1-1-16_the real Pukas Surfboard

About Pat Rawson

Pat Rawson has been shaping surfboards since 1966, and manufacturing surfboards on the North Shore of Oahu since 1972. Combining pre-proven, innovative custom designs with handcrafted experience, Rawson shapes and sells to 19 countries worldwide from 6 hi-tech manufacturing locations.