4/25/54 in Santa Monica, California


I am Western Europe ancestry and a proud 7th generation Native Californian. (note my Arrow design on my Logo!)


I passionately LOVE God, my family, my shaping and surfing, and my music. Without any of these key components present, I go into a complete tailspin over a period of time!

Bio Brief:

I started surfing and Junior Lifeguards together in 1964 at Dockweiler State Beach below my home in Playa Del Rey, California. Loving building things, I began shaping surfboards in 1966 and by 1969, I was a thriving small business in a Surfing beach community. I have had the unique experience to work in California at Rick Surfboards, Wilken Surfboards, Blue Cheer Surfboards, Tom Overlin Surfboards and Doug Haut Surfboards. After moving to Hawaii in the early 70’s, I worked for Lightening Bolt Surfboards, George Downing-Wave Crest Hawaii, and helped start Local Motion in 1978.

My Family:

I still am happily married to Carmen after 38 years, and I am very proud of my 3 children: Nicole 34, Ryan 32, and Kareen, 27, and my 4 Grandchildren: Kaiya, 13 and Kali 9, and our  Grandsons from Nicole, Cameron Jr. (Akio) 3, and Breydon 18 months.

My Thoughts:

I pray every day for an openness of Spirit we must all share as we move further into this New Millennium of big changes worldwide. Let’s take care of our World and ourselves, and I believe we should remember what we DO have, instead of dwelling on what we DON’T have.