The Boombox step down model was developed in California and co-inspired by Matt Keenan at his home breaks on the East Coast. It’s the perfect step down board from a normal high performance Thruster, and is intended for smaller wave conditions on both East and West coasts. If you’re not interested in riding Rocket Fish type designs in small wave conditions, then this model is for you. It features a low rocker bottom design with a unique single concave to double concave bottom contour making it a super fun step down board for all ability ranges, and is equally optimized as a Thruster or Quad configuration.

Board Range:

5’4”- 6’8”

Suggested Weight and Size:

115lbs: 5’4 x 17.75 x 2.06
125lbs: 5’6 x 17.87 x 2.12
135lbs: 5’8 x 18.18 x 2.18
145lbs: 5’10 x 18.31 x 2.25
155lbs: 6’0 x 18.44 x 2.31
165lbs: 6’2 x 18.50 x 2.37
175lbs: 6’4 x 18.75 x 2.50
185lbs: 6’6 x 19.25 x 2.62
200lbs: 6’8 x 19.87 x 2.75