“Jaws” Tow Gun

This thruster swallowtail Tow In design has been well tested in waves up to 20~30’ surf at “Jaws” on Maui.
The Rawson “Jaws” model is featured with a fuller rail designed for absolute control high speeds in bumpy surf, along with a bottom rocker and deep concave contours that enables continuous momentum and added projection needed to tow the largest wave conditions. We build this model to have a standard finished weight of 20 or more lbs, which can be increased on a custom basis by adding lead weights glassed into the board.

Board Range:

5’10” ~ 6’3”

Suggested Weight and Size:

135lbs: 5’7 x 15.75 x 1.56
145lbs: 5’8 x 16.00 x 1.62
175lbs: 5’10 x 16.25 x 1.75
200lbs: 6’0 x 16.50 x 1.87