Magic Rhino Chaser

Like the Classic model, this MRC design is another Rawson Surfboards specialty designed for large waves over 15’ and extreme conditions up to 35’. Building custom boards on the North Shore of Oahu for 41 years has enabled me to fine tune my larger wave boards constantly. Having feedback with such a wide variety of surf conditions and top riders further pushes my envelope of design even further. This specialty model is encouraged to be ordered on a custom order basis. I’m lucky to have some really great big wave riders out there on these rockets, and their feedback has been invaluable.

Board Range:


Suggested Weight and Size:

We can adjust the lengths 6”~ 8” either way on these according to your preferences
175lbs: 9’4 x 19.75 x 3.00
190lbs: 9’8 x 20.25 x 3.12
205lbs: 10’0 x 20.75 x 3.25
220lbs: 10’2 x 21.25 x 3.00
235lbs: 10’4 x 21.50 x 3.25
250lbs: 10’6 x 21.62 x 3.56
270lbs: 10’6 x 22.00 x 3.75
MRC: 10’9 x 21.75 x 3.87
MRC: 11’0 x 22.25 x 4.25
MRC: 11’6 x 22.50 x 4 37