Matador Series

Over my years of traveling and shaping throughout the world, I found many surfers, including some of my long-time loyal returning customers that want additional paddle-power and user-friendliness in a still esthetic high performance package.

This SUV design has been popular for 12+ more years and I really enjoy shaping these boards for my friends everywhere in the world I travel to. By employing a slight reverse Vee forward, and using a flowing tail rocker with a concave/double concave contour in the stance area: the overall looseness is enhanced greatly in all sizes of waves. Adding extra width for beginners, and subtracting width for advanced, mature surfers is part of my formula for this design. I have shaped boards up to 9’6 x 24.00 x 4 in this design.

Board Range:


Suggested Weight and Size:

150lbs: 6’4 x 18.44 x 2.37
160lbs: 6’6 x 18.62 x 2.44
175lbs: 6’8 x 19.00 x 2.50
190lbs: 6’10 x 19.37 x 2.62
205lbs: 7’0 x 19.75 x 2.75
220lbs: 7-2 x 20.25 x 2.87
235lbs: 7’4 x 20.87 x 3.00
250lbs: 7’8 x 21.25 x 3.12
270lbs: 8’0 x 22.00 x 3.37
290lbs: 8’4 x 22.50 x 3.50
310lbs: 8’10 x 23.37 x 3.62
330lbs: 9’6 x 23.75 x 3.87